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Included tax, title,
license and dealer fees

Machine Details

  • Body StyleHeavy Duty CNC Lathe
  • Turn. Length3000mm
    Chuck Size18"-24"
  • RPM1000
    TailstockTurret 12 Tools
  • Power58kw
    Spindle HoleA2-15/A2-20
  • ControlCNC
    # Axis3

Seller Comments

Founded in January 2000. Daya Dist., Taichung city, Taiwan, FOCUS CNC Co., Ltd. Is a professional machine tool manufacturer concentrating all its resources on developing and building CNC slant bed lathes. Ever since its early days, FOCUS CNC has operated with "elitism " as its business philosophy, focusing upon efficient management of human resources . Exploring bravely into a new word for fine machine tools with the principles of "precision, technology, and humanity" in mind, FOCUS CNC rounds up Taiwan’s best talents in the machine tools manufacturing fields and comes up to the machine tool market with products of superb quality as well as engineering precision.

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  • Check Counter 检查计数
  • CHIP PAN 铁銷盘
  • Circular Thread Cutting 圆螺纹切削
  • Constant Surface Speed Control ( Main & Back) 恒定表面速度控制(正面和背面)
  • Continuous Threading Cycle 连续螺纹车削循环
  • Control Manuals 控制手册
  • Cutting condition) 程序编辑支持功能(计算器,M&G代码列表,切削条件)
  • Cycle Time Check Function 循环时间检查功能
  • Differential Speed Tap Function option 差速攻丝功能选项
  • Digital Work Selector Switch 数字工作选择器开关
  • M&G codes list-up
  • Program Editing Support Function (Calculator
  • Radius Designation on Arc 圆弧指定半径
  • Reference Point Return (Absolute Position Detector) 参考点返回(绝对位置检测器)
  • Rigid Tapping on Both Spindles 刚性攻丝
  • Run Hour Display 运行时间显示
  • Spindle Load Meter (Display) 主轴负荷表(显示)
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Monthly Payments
Estimated monthly payment: $8,469/mo
Price of car: $99,999
Interest Rate: 3%
Months: 12

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