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      Tormach Lathe Turret
      Tormach Lathe Turret

      Tormach offers an 8-station turret for the 15L Slant-PRO, which combines automation, precision, and confidence in letting a lathe run unattended. This low-maintenance approach to turning is enticing for production-level machining. Beyond these commonly recognized benefits, other perks of turret systems include increased flexibility and easier programming. Since the turret can be mounted higher on the lathe carriage, longer workpieces can be turned using the turret system, in conjunction with a tailstock to ensure accuracy. The workpieces can also have wider diameter, since the majority of tools will be secured to the turret instead of the carriage, creating more clearance. With a turret system housing the majority of the tools, programming is generally easier since you no longer have to worry about accidentally hitting the workpiece against tools or having enough space between tools for turning.

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